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Home inspections include an exterior inspection, including foundation, sidewalks, drainage, concrete slabs, porch, deck, windows, roof, and gutter system.
The inspection of the interior of the house includes, visible structural assessment, drywall, visible insulation, foundation/ crawl space, attic, heating & cooling, ducts, plumbing and electrical systems.
As part of the inspection we examine all doors and windows, and inspect your basement and attic for signs of moisture, lack of ventilation, proper insulation coverage.

Service Fees

Residential Inspection – $440 and up
(Same day written report)​

Century Home Inspection – $550.00
(Same day written report)​

Walk Around Inspection – $290
(Verbal report only)

Thermal imaging scan – Free with inspection

Extra Outbuildings – $50.00

Detached garage – $50.00

Hot Tub inspection – $50.00

Swimming Pool inspection – $50.00

Cut Floor Joist – Structural Concern

Exterior Step Crack

Drop Ceiling hiding Electrical Issue

Valleys Heavily Tarred – Bandage solution only

Termite Infestation – Structural Concern

Shifting Foundation – Structural Concern