An independent home inspector best represents your interests.

New Construction Homes

Hiring an independent home inspector is a smart decision for newly constructed home. The major source of defects for homes less than 5 years old are the issues relating to the initial build, and not renovations. These issues do not often come up in the first year, and Tarion warranty can be difficult to claim after the fact.

There is a common misconception that because city inspectors signed-off during the different stages of the build, third party home inspectors are not needed. Unfortunately, the typical city inspector spends on average 5 minutes to look over each stage, and cannot be expected to catch everything.  Another misconception is that since the builder hire their own inspector during pre-delivery inspection (PDI) to go over the house with you, your interests are covered. However, the pre-delivery inspection is rushed, and the inspector’s interests are conflicted. 

An independent home inspector will represent your interests and catch things before they become a major issue. They can also be a professional voice of reason that help you hold the builder accountable. 

Tarion has many claims each year due to poor workmanship. Take advantage of your leverage before the 30 day or 1 year Tarion periods and get the house you paid for.

“As a contractor with sub-division experience, I have noticed the quality of construction has been in general decline over the years. Many of the older trades are retiring, and the shortcuts taken by those less experienced can sometimes be baffling.

The saying “once you see it you can’t unsee it” is very true. I’m a bit of a perfectionist, and the things I see when I enter a new build is completely different than the things my clients notice. 

Often I get asked the question “When is a good time to hire a home inspector? prior to the 30 day Tarion period or 1 year Tarion period?” My answer has always been to hire a home inspector before submitting the 30 day Tarion report. This way the builder will get a copy of the report you submit, and it is very clear which party caused the defects (since the owner has not lived long in the home). It is very common for me to report over 40 defects (some major, some minor, even minor paint deficiencies). The builder will usually agree to fix most of them. This definitely makes the cost of a home inspection worthwhile for your new home, sooner is better. Of course, the one year Tarion period is also important to check how well the house has settled, and I have a discount program in place for any follow-up visits.

Another way to save on costs is to arrange to do the inspection with your neighbour or a group of neighbours through me. This makes the cost of individual inspections much lower, and also gives me the benefit of checking multiple houses for the same workmanship, and multiple checks give me the ability to notice even more things.” 

~ Gabor​​​​

Roof Truss Structural Defect

Poor Masonry Workmanship

Uneven Drywall

Open Flue Pipe

Defective Roofing Job

Poor Grading Towards House